Great Lakes Lighthouse Video & Slide Show
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Embedded Background Music Tracks: "Dance All Night" (Track #1 - Sunset Regret - Israel Nash Gripka) - "Children" (Track #2 - Robert Miles)

Great Lakes Lighthouse Treasures - A Tour of More Than 75 Michigan Lighthouses plus additional selections from the New England area.
All images & video files created between 1996 & 2002. The video segment begins at the 5 minute mark and was shot land based from the
North Shore of Lake Michigan along U.S. Hwy #2 some 3 miles from St. Helena's Island Lighthouse which is seen in much of the foreground.
The video pans the Straits of Mackinaw area between St. Helena's Island, Waugoshance, Skillagalee & White Shoal Light Stations. My camera
position was some 17 miles from White Shoal Light Station and was facilitated by the use of a Canon XL-1 Digital Video Camera mounted by
way of a Canon Video Adapter to a Canon 400mm 2.8L Telephoto Lens. Using either a 1.4 or a 2.0 Extender, I was able to generate an
effective focal length in 35mm terms, equivalent of up to 5760mm depending on which adapter was used at the time.